Chromosomes contain both the raw code for life and the instructions for its use. We are interested in discovering the rules that govern chromosome structure and function at the molecular level. Our efforts are focused on how nucleosomes and chromosome-segregation machines are organized in situ. We test both old and new hypotheses of chromosome-related activities by perturbing cells and then observing their structural changes by electron cryotomography. Revolutionary technologies will help us learn about chromosome transactions in situ with unprecedented depth.


Nov 2018 - Our surplus data is available at EMPIAR

Nov 2018 - Congratulations to Dr. Deng for a successful thesis defense!

Oct 2018 - Our website is being updated.

Oct 2018 - Shujun's on a roll! Her chromosome-condensation paper is out!

Sep 2018 - Shujun's collaborative work with the Pilhofer lab is out!