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Ng, C., Deng, L., Chen, C., Lim, H.H., Shi, J., Surana, U., and Gan, L. (2018), A multi-scale model of the yeast chromosome-segregation system.
(bioRχiv preprint)  Raw data: EMPIAR-10159    Exemplar tomograms: EMD-6912, EMD-6914

Cai, S., Chen, C., Tan, Z.Y., Huang, Y., Shi, J., and Gan, L. (2018), Cryo-ET reveals the macromolecular reorganization of S. pombe mitotic chromosomes in vivo. PNAS in press
PDF file  (bioRχiv preprint)  Raw data: EMPIAR-10125    Exemplar tomogram: EMD-6846

Cai, S.Böck, D.Pilhofer, M.*, and Gan, L.* (2018), The in situ structures of mono-, di-, and trinucleosomes in human heterochromatinMol Biol Cell 29: 2450-2457
PDF file  (bioRχiv preprint)  Raw data: EMPIAR-10179   Exemplar tomograms/averages: EMD-6948, EMD-6949, EMD-6950

Cai, S., Song, Y., Chen, C., Shi, J., and Gan, L. (2018), Natural chromatin is heterogeneous and self associates in vitro. Mol Biol Cell 29: 1652-1663
PDF file  (bioRχiv preprint)  Raw data: EMPIAR-10098   Exemplar tomograms: EMD-6737 

Chen, C., Lim, H.H., Shi, J., Tamura, S., Maeshima, K., Surana, U., and Gan, L. (2016), Budding yeast chromatin is dispersed in a crowded nucleoplasm in vivo. Mol Biol Cell 27: 3357-3368
PDF file  (
bioRχiv preprint)  Raw data: EMPIAR-10062   Exemplar tomogram: EMD-8157

Gan, L., Ladinsky, M.S. and Jensen, G.J. (2013), Chromatin in a marine picoeukaryote is a disordered assemblage of nucleosomes. Chromosoma 122: 377-386
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