2014 Joint JSPS-NUS Advances in chromatin biology workshop
Hosted by the National University of Singapore

Chromatin function is critical to virtually every aspect of human health. Recent conceptual and technological advances have forced a re-evaluation of how we think chromatin influences transcription, replication, mitosis, and development. This workshop will explore how chromatin impacts these critical cellular functions from the level of DNA to chromosomes.

Invited speakers, Japan
Yota MURAKAMI, Hokkaido University
Hironori NIKI, National Institute of Genetics
Masaya OKI, University of Fukui
Masaki SASAI, Nagoya University
Hidetoshi SAZE, Okinawa Inst. of Science and Technology
Akira SHINOHARA, Osaka University
Kiyoe URA, Osaka University
Mitsuhiro YANAGIDAOkinawa Inst. of Science and Technology

Invited speakers, Singapore
Curt DAVEYNanyang Technological University
Melissa FULLWOOD, Yale-NUS College
Ernesto GUCCIONE, Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology
Jonathan LOHInstitute of Molecular and Cell Biology
Lars NORDENSKIOLD, Nanyang Technological University
GV SHIVASHANKAR, Mechanobiology Institute
Greg TUCKER-KELLOGG, National University of Singapore

Chromatin 3-D structure and remodeling
Computational chromatin
Chromatin marks and epigenetics
Drug development
Nuclear architecture


Block S3, Level 5

Dates (Tentative)
5th - 6th May, 2014

Dept. of Biological Sciences
S3 Level 5 conference room (see map below)

National Institute of Genetics

National University of Singapore

National University of Singapore

For more information, please contact Lu GAN.